A creative digital agency
innovating and designing
multi-platform experiences


We live in world of rapid change, where the internet is the new center of our attention. It has changed the entire world, as well as the world of advertising. The revolutionary impact of this powerful and compelling technology is that, overcoming any geographical and cultural barriers, it has introduced a completely new way of doing business and of connecting consumers with various brands. It makes the world smaller and brings people closer. Besides its obvious effects, at Spark Digitus we succeed to amplify the power of the internet and to redefine the digital advertising, coming with a different approach and with a different perspective to brand building.

We treat brands like human beings.

We know how difficult is to create productive, decent and respectable brands, but we aim higher. Our dream is to build rewarding, powerful, and engaging brands that fascinate the world, and to accomplish this goal our special approach is to make people fall in love.

We treat brands with love.

Spark is a creatively driven digital agency that designs strong relationships, sustained by love, between good companies and their consumers. Any other connection based on a rational reason is short-lived, and superficial, because it always ends the very moment a more appealing reason occurs. Only love is irresistible and meant lo last forever.

That's why our brands have strong points of view and care about their reputation.