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Global corporate world has changed beyond recognition, and is still changing rapidly as COVID-19 has affected every business in every industry and across the globe.

It has not only pushed organizations towards digital transformation in a span of a few months but also propelled the need for working from home. The effect has been so swift that most organizations and their employees have had no time to equip themselves with necessary SOP’s on how to manage day-to-day operations online from handling customer queries to conducting important internal and client meetings.

What Has happened because of COVID-19?

Employees in post-COVID-19 world have to now endure additional pressure of unprecedented level of calls, emails, and the need to update hitherto ignored areas of online documents like google sheets. If we go by the statistics, working remotely is going to affect many office locations as per the survey according to which 99% of people want to work remotely and almost 95% of people encourage others to work remotely.

And if it continues in this manner, it can well be forecasted that 75% of the workforce could work remotely by 2025. The dire need of working remotely will ultimately become our habit. This can both be a boon or a bane for organizations.

How Can Technology Help Organizations?

While working remotely the biggest challenge is to keep employees well aligned, well informed, and well immersed, but fortunately it is not a challenge anymore as We live in a digital-oriented era that becomes more independent by advancing towards the rapid adaptation of evolving technology.

The most constructive innovation in this era of digitization is a Digital workplace solution, which is also known as Intranet. Creating a digital workplace.

Moving Towards Digital Transformation

A digital workplace is people-centric which helps employees to perform tasks in a more organized, informed, and productive manner. It is:

People-centric: Employees are the heart and brain of an organization. It is imperative to provide them a platform while working remotely so they can be more productive, synchronized and coherent.

Tool for business: Not just it focuses on people, a digital workplace inherently solves business problems by being time and money efficient when used properly.

Business Troubleshooter: If custom-built for an organization’s keeping its unique business challenges and model into consideration, a digital workplace becomes the ideal platform to solve business problems.

A Platform with features: It provides all the right features required to accomplish a job on which separate teams are working simultaneously. Be it ongoing communication, search, sharing of documents and files, and everything else needed to finish tasks efficiently.

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Like the global corporate world, the businesses in Saudi Arabia and Bahrain are also affected, here companies are very well prepared and willing to adopt the most essential technology of the existing time known as Intranet or Digital workplace to help their employees while working remotely. This is where Spark Digitus comes into the picture. We are an award-winning creative digital agency, based in Bahrain with clients across the Gulf region including Saudi Arabia. We are well prepared with innovative solutions and products for present requisition, not just that we are one of those agencies in the Gulf region, which has Intranet projects to its credit.

If your company is in Saudi Arabia or Bahrain, and want to upgrade or begin your journey towards digital transformation by employing or upgrading Intranet in your organization you must contact us today.

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