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Introduction: The Power of Digital

According to a recent report by leading Japanese information and communication technology company, Fujitsu, the shift to digital in the financial sector is the most advanced compared to other industries. There is an increasing urgency to transform and this is spurred by two main factors: changing consumer demands and the growing threat from disruptive challenger banks.

The challenge remains: How can larger, more traditional, legacy-based institutions best embrace a digital mindset and practice?

Well. It’s a combination of process, culture, talent and mindset, as well as technology. Let’s look at the simple Annual Report, generated by every corporation. Across the years, every agency has tried to up each other by designing and printing the most beautiful, sophisticated Report. Some have won many awards for brilliant designs. But how, and why should you look at digitizing your annual report? Let’s take a look at how Digital complements Print!

What are the Benefits of going “Digital”?

  • Immersive Experience - Digital Annual Reports allow people to have an immersive experience that is multi dimensional. Information can be presented at various depths and of various kinds such as videos, graphical visualizations etc and users can interact with content and go deeper to find out more should they wish.
  • More Contentextual - It goes beyond print and can add more meaning than static images and text. Content can be more dynamic and supportive in that videos and interactive graphs can augment textual data to provide a contextually richer experience.
  • Rich Media - Digital Annual Reports allow us to integrate rich media and augmented reality. WIth rich media, users have a better experience going through an otherwise one dimensional report.
  • Wider Audience - Digital documents have a wider audience where can access the website or download the app.
  • Measureable - A digital report allows us to measure user behavior on the platform
  • Innovation - This allows an organisation to be presented as innovative

What are the various components of a Digital Annual Report?

A digital annual report is more than a PDF file. The following components are required -

  • Responsive Website -
  • Mobile App with Augmented Reality

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