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Riyad Bank

Telling the story behind The numbers

And highlighting banks ambitions towards digital transformation
and the progress made in 2016

The Project

We based our concept on Chinese style tangram and created custom icons and to highlight the message how Riyad Bank

Is helping its customer to enjoy more life while spending less time for banking by making it simpler and more seamlessly integrated into customers’ lives.

Client : Riyadbank
Deliverables : Annual Report

The Challenge

To display the message which highlights, achievements and number in a creative and minimalistic

Way through an integrated approach which can blends well for print design as well as digital.

The Solution

We successfully delivered a beautifully created concept design which highlighted the achievements and financials

Of the last year in a simplistic way through an integrated report for print and digital. The digital annual report offers dynamic charts and graphs and a friendly user experience.

We build dynamic brands for today's connected consumer.

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